Travel Weather App

If business trip or summer holiday, there are sometimes situations where you will visit multiple places in a short time duration. Being not prepared for the weather circumstances can backfire on you. So don’t be that person, plan ahead and just do a quick weather check.

LSTM Bitcoin Forecast

Long-Short-Term Memory is a Recurrent Neural Network for pattern recognition of sequence data. Common use cases are autonomous driving, language translation or nearly all kind of time series analysis. This project deals with bitcoin exchange data and the task is to predict future prices based on daily chart time data.

Cryptocoin Exchange Interface

As a project to create a modern full stack web app, the website provides a dashboard with current data on the most popular cryptocoins for two exchanges so far. The front-end is a Javascript development with the React Framework. The Python library Django was used in the backend.

Slot Machine Fair Game Calculation

Slot machines, as you see them in their physical form, have to be configured with a specific payout over time by law. That gives a good example of the usage of statistics. On a basic slot machine with three spins and four different symbols, this project presents the calculation of a fair game. A fair game is achived if the payout over time is the same is the input.

Quit Smoking Mobile Application

I see smoking as a harmful habit for your overall health. As it is also an addictive drug, it’s not always easy to just quit smoking. So let’s make a game out of it! This android mobile application keeps track of your daily dose of cigarrets with the goal of delivering insights of the amount and times of that habit. The developing focus was on creating a light weight application which starts up quickly and just requires one click to add a cigarret.